About Me

My name is Karyn Gorman and I live in Madrid with my husband and 18-month-old son.  Before I get this blog up and running, however, he’ll probably be graduating college.

When I was younger, my mom gave me two rules to follow:

1. Don’t get a tattoo

2.  Don’t move to California (she thought and still thinks, the whole left side of the US is destined to fall off into the ocean some day.)

So in response, I moved to Nigeria, Mexico, Malaysia, and Armenia (to mention a few).  Still haven’t lived in Cali and don’t currently sport a tattoo so she should be happy.

In total, I’ve lived in thirteen countries.  After traveling the world, I thought I could handle anything (past adventures posted in Been There, Done that?). Then I got pregnant…..

Raising a kid in a foreign country is a challenge (see Mummy Interviews) but what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger- or something like that—still not sure I buy into this statement.

I love to write and am extremely honored and grateful to have recently sold two Children’s Picture Books. I read a lot in this genre as well as Middle Grade and Young Adult.  Check out the “Books” category for my pushy suggestions.

I don’t love to exercise but do it anyway.  Thanks to my overachieving husband further known as The Spaniard, I’ve climbed several high altitude mountains, ran two marathons and am currently training for my first ½ Iron Man. He calls it motivating. I call it being a pain in my butt.

In my spare time I work, still travel, and try to keep some resemblance of my former self. Sort of failing miserably at that front though…

Still want to know more?  Okay.   Check out my post about Things You May Or May NOT Want To Know About Me.”

I truly hope I don’t scare you away.