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Hair Loss

4 categories of hair loss that you should know about

Each one of use goes through a phase in our life where we think we are losing all the hair we have. It is a quite common condition faced by both men and women, and in most of the cases, it does not require any treatment due to it happening because of the ageing process. But there are several cases that result in partial or complete loss of hair permanently which results in the complete change of appearance of a person. But in some of the cases, proper treatment can result in the cure of the condition. This makes it highly important to know the kind of hair loss condition that you have so that the treatment can choose by the doctor accordingly.

Hair loss is a common phenomenon that is caused by several conditions. Examining the scalp would give a clear idea on the condition that is causing hair fall. If the scalp looks normal and without any damage to it with empty hair follicles, it is called non-scarring hair loss, as the condition is not permanent and the damage can be reversed. But if there is a loss of hair follicles through its destruction, this can be a serious permanent damage, and it is called scarring hair loss. So let us take a look at some of the ways hair loss has been categorised.

Alopecia areata

It is a condition where the scalp develops smooth area without hair which can grow over time. The condition can grow from a coin sized shape to a bit more two to six months. But it usually comes back over the course of time. It is said that the condition is attributed to be the result of stress. But it is also said that stress can be caused by the condition.Injecting certain kinds of steroids to the affected area can help in the re-growth of the hair and getting the patchy part back to normal.

Traction alopecia

It is the kind of hair loss that happens to a certain part of the hair that is pulled or held tightly for a longer period of time repetitively. This causes the hair to grow weak and break due to the tension it is suffering. The condition is usually seen in people who wear tight ponytails or braids.


The habitual twisting or pulling of one’s own hair is categorised as trichotillomania. The condition can be affected by both the eyelashes and scalp. The condition shows broken hair and strands, unlike the other condition which has smooth scalps. The treatment for the condition involves consciously stopping the behaviour of pulling one’s hair.

Tinea capitis

This is a condition that is caused due to fungal infection. It is usually seen to be affected by children who are at their schooling age. It is a condition that is rarely seen in adults, and it mostly affects black Africans or African Americans. It is a condition that is caused due to the scalp being affected by dermatitis.

Hair loss is not always permanent. But make sure to get to know the cause for your hair fall so that the appropriate treatment can be done in case the condition is serious.