So you want to write a Picture Book?

(As mothers or fathers:) How many times have you picked up one of your children’s picture books, sat on the bed to read it to them, and thought, “hell, I could write this.”

It’s basically a cute bear, a huggable rabbit, or a goodnight moon….keep it under 500 words and voila!

Who knows, maybe you have a FANTASTIC and ORIGINAL idea that no one else has come up with yet?

But writing a Picture Book is a lot harder than it sounds. There are a ton of rules and publishing (like anything else) follows trends.  What was once in favor now, might not be “sellable” tomorrow.

For instance, try just TRY to sell your Teen Vampire Love Story or your S&M Romance Novel?  Publishers and the market, as a whole, are just sick sick sick of them.

Querying agents and publishers takes a lot of time. How do you know if what you’ve written is ready to send?

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